Top 4 Reasons Why Your Next Order Will be Custom

Top 4 Reasons Why Your Next Order Will be Custom

Have you ever found yourself planning a birthday for your child or a bachelorette party, or baby shower for your friend, and you just did not know where to start with décor?

We have all walked into a store with the intention to buy a party banner or a cake topper or even a handmade card for a special occasion, and we have all settled with what we could find. But answer me this, each time you had settled for any of these, was the quality of the product good? Did it exactly fit the theme of your event (and please, I don’t mean when you look at a product and say “that will have to do”)? Chances are that no. And I’ll tell you why.

Big business vs small business

Ever picked up a card or birthday banner from a big box store? I want you to remember how it felt, flimsy, light? Where did it say it was made from? If the product is damaged, the best customer service at the store can do is let you exchange for something else, or a duplicate. And don't quote me on this but often these are factory made. But what time or care was put into making these products for you. AND so many people walk out of the store with the exact product! Seriously, do you not find it annoying to scroll on your social media feed after hosting a special occasion and seeing others with the same decorations?

With that said, here are 4 reasons why you should consider buying custom paper décor or handmade greeting cards for your next special occasion:

  1. Buying custom means you have a say in what we will make for you. Custom items are specifically made to be tailored to your need. 
  2. Custom items are unique. Meaning, no other special occasion will have the same cake topper than what you had ordered for your loved one
  3. The options for custom paper items are ENDLESS! Do you want a cake topper, or large paper flowers? What about gable boxes for loot bags? And as for themes, there are SO many themes to choose from.
  4. You know exactly who you are buying from, bypassing wholesalers and retailers. Meaning, you know your custom order will get the attention and care it deserves.

When we started Paper Beau a few years years ago it was because we understood the feeling of not finding what we really want to complete the look and feel of a special occasion. Or perhaps not being able to find a handmade card that translates exactly what we want to communicate to our loved ones. And although we carry already made cards for those on the go, custom orders have become the start item!

We've asked our Instagram and Facebook family some questions on custom orders and here is what they had to say:

Social medial poll results on custom orders.

As you can see generally custom orders are quite popular. The second question reveals that 30% of respondents have yet to place an order with Paper Beau, and that could be for various reasons. It could be that some were new to our page or have not come across the need yet. Those who have purchased from Paper Beau (either greeting cards, cupcake or cake toppers and birthday banners or for their business), say they appreciate the level of customization we offer. Others admitted having placed many orders with us. And to the person who said, "because you're great at what you do", thank you!

We had asked our Paper Beau family what they do not like about big box stores and most respondents expressed that products are often too similar or generic and too often do not meet their needs. Others have added that sometimes the celebrated person ends up with duplicates (e.g., duplicate birthday cards), and flexibility. For instance, you may find a card that you like in English but really need it in French, and it does not exist.

We would love to hear from you for your next special occasion. You can read more on how custom orders work on our FAQ page. And while we still have your attention, you can browse our previous custom work.

Place your custom order today!

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